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Lal Kitab Graha Phala

Function Use For

This Web-Service will be used to get Prediction, Effects, Precaution, and Remedies of Planets situated in various Houses in very elaborate manner.

Method Id Method Full Url
43 Get /webastro/webapi/LalKitab/LalKitab_Predictions/index/prediction
Response Data

For Planet Sun
Function Call
Json Data
[{"predictions":"In your horoscope, Sun is situated in 10th house. You will have leadership quality and justice loving. You may be chief of any institution, leader or justice. You will be honest and never cheat anybody. You will earn wealth, name & fame in your profession whether you work in government department/ private institution or do business. You will enjoy the service of servant(s). You will also get benefits from government. Your health will remain good. You will a hard believer and may be very cynical. You may not get very good comfort of children. At the age of 19 year, you may have to separate from your father. Any of your family members may get higher position and get honor from government or leader of any organization.If main gate of your home is towards west direction or you don keep your head covered or you tell your secrets to others, your Sun may become weaker. If your Sun is weak, you may face troubles till the 34 years of your age. If you do any business related to wood, iron, black articles, buffaloes or machinery, you may meet losses in same. You may not get parental property. Your comfort of father may reduce. You may suffer from the knee pain and your eyesight may become weaker. If you stay at your wife's home or do business related to electricity or coal with your in-laws, you may meet losses in business. You may also face trouble on the account of government"}]
For Planet Sun
Function Call
Json Data
[{"precautions":"Don't tell a lie. Don' have non-vegetarian food and alcohol."}]

params datatype description
name varchar(50) provide a valid string for name
dateOfBirth varchar(10) should be in string dd:MM:yyyy format
timeOfBirth varchar(10) should be in 24 hour formate HH:mm:ss
place varchar(120) should not be empty
longitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
latitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
longitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should be E or W
latitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should N or S
gmtDiff varchar(10) currect formate is '+05 H 30 M'
varTimeCorrection varchar(10) currect formate is '+01:00'
houseCusp varchar(10) value should be 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
ayanamsha varchar(10) value should be 1,2, or 3
sex varchar(10) value should be M or F
language varchar(10) value shoul be english or hindi only
chartStyle varchar(500) value should be
rahuKetuPosition boolean true

Comming Soon Java Script Data