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Marriage Other Matching Considerations

Function Use For

This Web-Service will be used to Get Other Important Marriage Factors especially used by learned astrologers like - Naadi pad koot, Mahendra koot, Stree dirgh koot, Rajju koot, Vedh koot, Common Janma Rashi, Common Janma Namkshatra, Common Janma Namkshatra pada

Method Id Method Full Url
56 Get /webastro/webapi/Ashtakoota_Matching/OtherConsiderations
Response Data

[{"name":"Naadi pad koot","description":"Since Nadi Koota Agreement is present in the prospective couples' charts, considering Nadi-Pada Agreement is not necessary."},{"name":"Mahendra koot","description":"Mahendra Koota Agreement is not present in the prospective couples' charts."},{"name":"Stree dirgh koot","description":"Stree-Deergha Koota Agreement is not present in the prospective couples' charts. But since Rashi-Koota and Graha-Maitri Koota Agreements are present, the absence of Stree-Deergha Koota can be ignored."},{"name":"Rajju koot","description":"Rajju Koota Agreement is present in the prospective couples' charts. They would remain free from worries and will enjoy alround happiness."},{"name":"Vedh koot","description":"Since the boy's Moon's nakshatra and the girl's Moon's nakshatra are not in mutual vedha relationship, they will understand each other perfectly well and temperamental clashes or emotional outbursts are far less likely to happen."},{"name":"Same Birth Rashi(Sign)","description":"The boy's Moon and the girl's Moon fall in different Rashis. So, the case of common Janma Rashi does not arise."},{"name":"Birth Namkshatra ","description":"The boy's and the girl's Moon do not fall in the same Nakshatra."},{"name":"Same birth Namkshatra pada","description":"Since the boy's and the girl's Moon do not fall in the same Nakshatra, the question of same Nakshatra-Pada does not arise. As such, marriage can be approved."}]

params datatype description
name varchar(50) provide a valid string for name
dateOfBirth varchar(10) should be in string dd:MM:yyyy format
timeOfBirth varchar(10) should be in 24 hour formate HH:mm:ss
place varchar(120) should not be empty
longitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
latitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
longitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should be E or W
latitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should N or S
gmtDiff varchar(10) currect formate is '+05 H 30 M'
varTimeCorrection varchar(10) currect formate is '+01:00'
houseCusp varchar(10) value should be 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
ayanamsha varchar(10) value should be 1,2, or 3
sex varchar(10) value should be M or F
language varchar(10) value shoul be english or hindi only
chartStyle varchar(500) value should be
rahuKetuPosition boolean true

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