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This Web-Service will be used for Predictions from Astrological Constant e.g. Vaar/ Tithi/ Nakshtra / Ayan / Ritu/ Masa/ Paksha/ S S Yoga/ Karan etc.

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36 Get /webapi/Predictions/Astro_Constants_Predictions
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[{"predictions":"Results of Birth in Soura 'Ayan':You have been born in Sun's Uttarayana (or Soumyayana). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a liberal minded person endowed with generous instincts and have a high morale. You will always be engaged in doing virtuous deeds, and your conduct will be righteous. You will become known for possessing qualities like endurance, patience, and perseverance. You will enjoy a long life amidst ever waxing prosperity, and your domestic life will be peaceful and happy. However, if Sun is under Papa-Kartari Yoga, or has natural malefic planets in the next 'occupied' sign, or in the 8th from Sun's place, then you might become hard-hearted - as a result of suffering from various causes for a long duration.Results of Birth in 'Ritu'(Seasons):You have been born in Basant Ritu (or Spring Season). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a very beautiful/ handsome person with attractive features, amiable disposition, and pleasing manners. You will not only be endowed with courage and valor, but also possess prudence, farsightedness, and sense of propriety. You will gain proficiency in mathematics, be learned in various sacred ancient classics, and may acquire some skill in music or some branch of fine arts as well. You will be a pure-hearted person, and fond of wearing fashionable dresses.Results of Birth in 'Masa'(Month):(1)You have been born in Chaitra Masa (March/ April). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a courteous, modest, affectionate, virtuous, and learned person. You will be endowed with many desirable qualities, and some extraordinary gifts or talents. For your virtuous and philanthropic deeds, people in general will treat you with respect. With your profound learning in various sacred classics, you will attract the attention of the people from very high walks of life; you may shine forth as an Adviser or Consultant. Although some of deliberations might be of quite strange sort, still you will be able to get along with people from various walks of life very well.Results of Birth in 'Paksha':You have been born in Krishna Paksha. If some modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then the indications are not favorable. Your constitution might be somewhat weak, and you might be susceptible to suffer from disease. You may be endowed with restless nature and inconstant disposition. You might be branded as a mischievous- and/ or quarrelsome- person. By nature you might be quite sentimental; without viewing things in their proper perspective, you may tend to exaggerate trifles. Besides, you may have a lustful nature and remain subservient to your spouse.As the great benefic planet Jupiter is conjoined with the Moon in your chart (or aspects it), you will possess mental composure and evenness of temper. You will be an open-minded person with frank nature, optimistic outlook, and philanthropic disposition. Financially you will be fairly well off, and the circle of your friends and acquaintances will be quite large. You will always be in a position to decide for yourself, and the people in your circle may seek your valuable opinion or advice on some important matters that concern them.Result of Birth in WeekdayYou have been born on a Monday. As the lord of the weekday, Moon acquires special importance in your chart; its results - according to its occupied house-position - will become more important. Other indications in general are favorable. You will be a learned person of peaceful disposition - besides being soft-spoken and having equanimity of mind. You will remain unperturbed by the ever-changing external conditions, and know the ways for fulfilling your own objectives. You will be very popular, and enjoy many direct favors and indirect benefits from the authorities.Results of Birth in Day or Night :You have been born during daytime. The indications are favorable. You will be active, energetic, intelligent, and brilliant. You will inherit the good qualities of your father, possess fine expressive eyes, and have an ever-optimistic nature. You will become known for your meritorious deeds. Your earnings will be good, and you will befriend many persons from the higher walks of life. For your virtues and qualities, people in general will treat you with respect.Results of Birth in Surya-Sidhanta Yoga :As per Surya-siddhanta, you have been born in Parigha yoga. This yoga belongs to the unfavorable category. For being born under this yoga, you might be tempted to do some wicked deeds, and suffer in consequence. You may not be very intelligent, yet might be extremely clever. You will be skilful in your work; but for your habit of blowing own trumpet, people may have doubts about your capacity. You may give false witness, and vanquish your enemies by underhand actions.Results of Birth in Tithi :You have been born on 'Shashthi' (or the 6th) tithi. If a natural benefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the results will be more favorable. You may have a dogmatic nature and determined disposition; you will be courageous and valorous, and always remain oblivious to the risk or danger involved. Although you will have good resistance to disease, you might be susceptible to receive minor injuries. Among your relatives and friends, some person - particularly a married female - might be unfavorably disposed towards you, and try to bite you behind the back; in this respect you should remain alert. You will be fairly wealthy, have many friends, and your married life will be joyous and happy.Results of Birth in Karana :You have been born in 'Vanija' Karana. It is the sixth Karana of the 'Chara' category. You will be a very intelligent and cultured person with refined taste, cheerful disposition, amiable behavior, and pleasing manners. You will understand human nature very well, and acquire knowledge and information from various sources - which would find utilization in your sphere of profession in a very effective manner. You will be learned, wise, clever, tactful, and farsighted; you will possess an uncanny ability to deal with people in general very adroitly in a deft manner. You will earn a fortune from trade, amass a lot of wealth, and lead your life in comfort and style with your spouse and children.Results of birth in Nakshatra :In your horoscope, Moon is situated in Moola Nakshatra. Birth in this nakshatra is not considered auspicious, and normally propitiatory rites are performed on the 27th day after the birth of the child. But it must be known that the total span of the nakshatra is not inauspicious - only its certain specific parts are so. The results of birth in various its sections of have been given elsewhere. For being born in this nakshatra, you will be fortunate in certain respects. You will be very health-conscious, habituated to live in a disciplined manner. You will be single-minded in whatever you do - with which you may acquire education of a very high level in an application-oriented field; you may even continue with your informal studies for life, and your interest might cover a wide range of subjectsYou will have great interest in games and sports, excursions and expeditions, and other outdoor activities; you may even learn combat techniques, and the art of using lethal weapons for defence purpose. You will possess leadership qualities, and have a large circle of followers and supporters. In regard to your profession or field of action, you will be extremely enthusiastic, and will have the intense desire to achieve goals in rapid succession. However, there is considerable uncertainty in respect of your profession, or you may change of employment quite a number of times."}]

params datatype description
name varchar(50) provide a valid string for name
dateOfBirth varchar(10) should be in string dd:MM:yyyy format
timeOfBirth varchar(10) should be in 24 hour formate HH:mm:ss
place varchar(120) should not be empty
longitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
latitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
longitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should be E or W
latitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should N or S
gmtDiff varchar(10) currect formate is '+05 H 30 M'
varTimeCorrection varchar(10) currect formate is '+01:00'
houseCusp varchar(10) value should be 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
ayanamsha varchar(10) value should be 1,2, or 3
sex varchar(10) value should be M or F
language varchar(10) value shoul be english or hindi only
chartStyle varchar(500) value should be
rahuKetuPosition boolean true

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