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Lal Kitab Lagna Chart (Tewa)

Function Use For

This Web-Service will be used to get Lagna Kundali of Lal Kitab.

Method Id Method Full Url
48 Get /webastro/webapi/LalKitabChart/Lal_Kitab_Lagna_Chart
Response Data

Lal Kitab Lagna Chart

params datatype description
name varchar(50) provide a valid string for name
dateOfBirth varchar(10) should be in string dd:MM:yyyy format
timeOfBirth varchar(10) should be in 24 hour formate HH:mm:ss
place varchar(120) should not be empty
longitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
latitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
longitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should be E or W
latitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should N or S
gmtDiff varchar(10) currect formate is '+05 H 30 M'
varTimeCorrection varchar(10) currect formate is '+01:00'
houseCusp varchar(10) value should be 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
ayanamsha varchar(10) value should be 1,2, or 3
sex varchar(10) value should be M or F
language varchar(10) value shoul be english or hindi only
chartStyle varchar(500) value should be
rahuKetuPosition boolean true

Comming Soon Java Script Data