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Lal Kitab Moon Chart (Tewa)

Function Use For

This Web-Service will be used to get Lal Kitab Moon Chart (Tewa). Lal Kitab Chandra Kundali is very different from Tradition Chandra Kundali of Vedic Astrology.

Method Id Method Full Url
49 Get /webastro/webapi/LalKitabChart/Lal_Kitab_Moon_Chart
Response Data

Lal Kitab Moon Chart

params datatype description
name varchar(50) provide a valid string for name
dateOfBirth varchar(10) should be in string dd:MM:yyyy format
timeOfBirth varchar(10) should be in 24 hour formate HH:mm:ss
place varchar(120) should not be empty
longitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
latitude varchar(10) formate should be'084:10:00'
longitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should be E or W
latitudeDenoter varchar(10) field value should N or S
gmtDiff varchar(10) currect formate is '+05 H 30 M'
varTimeCorrection varchar(10) currect formate is '+01:00'
houseCusp varchar(10) value should be 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
ayanamsha varchar(10) value should be 1,2, or 3
sex varchar(10) value should be M or F
language varchar(10) value shoul be english or hindi only
chartStyle varchar(500) value should be
rahuKetuPosition boolean true

Comming Soon Java Script Data