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We live on Earth. During daytime we see the Sun gradually crossing over the sky; and at nighttime, the Moon does so. The Earth is a 'Planet' of the Solar system - whereas Astronomically Sun is a 'Star' and Moon is a 'Satellite'. But in Astrological parlance, the two Luminaries (Sun and Moon), five other planets (Mars to Saturn), the two Lunar Nodes (Rahu & Ketu) have been classified together as 'Grahas' - which literally means the fast-moving large massive bodies hovering in space. As the nearest term available in the widely known language English is 'Planet', we habitually term the 'Grahas' as "Planets" - without making any distinction whether each of these is a star, planet, satellite, or node. Thus, it must not be construed that our ancient seers were not aware of the distinction; they were even very well aware of the fact that the SUN also moves round the center of the Galaxy (Milky Way), and it takes about 25, 777 years to make a complete round. Nothing in space can ever remain in a static condition.Read more